The Girls Club!

The official definition of The Girls Club is a female empowerment networking system. Playfully described as an entertainment industry sorority or a team of “Boss Bitches”, this collective is unapologetic about celebrating the beauty, intelligence and persistence of its members. As a member of The Girls Club, one will be taking part in redefining the image of females in business, particularly in the entertainment business, and changing the stigma women have when working together. By recognizing each others strengths, celebrating our differences, and joining forces through like-mindedness, The Girls Club aims to create opportunities, and business ventures that will achieve a common goal of success for each participant.

Founded in 2004 by Shanell, Mika Means, and D.Woods, The Girls Club has grown to include songwriters, artists, dancers, choreographers, actresses, stylists, radio personalities, dj’s, publicists and more.

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